Friday, September 27, 2013

living virus

i hate when somebody is sick but still appeared in the office. and it conteagous, then later i do too got the sickness, and later wif-i experiencing the same, the kids too. and things get worse when we sick along with the children.

baju di tempat shalat

tadi ngeliat ce di mushalla, pake baju jeans kutung you can see, langsung jadi nyedot perhatian. padahal kalo diliat di tempat lain, mah biasa aja.

new building, lack of facility

pretly speaking, there's a new building next to the current office building, but somehow the people who work on that building swarming the old building for lunch, smoking, (friday) praying.

the hell? the new building doesn't have public facility?!

information i received, indeed the owner of the new building is actually the owner of the land, and the old building doesn't have anything, even-tough if it just the parking spot.

and the stupid design of the landscape cause pedestrian having problem, since there's no space for walking space for human.