Saturday, March 14, 2015

chicken porridge

my last day in this office is ticking.

one thing that i will miss is chicken porridge behind the office building for breakfast.

it is one of the fine taste of chicken porridge ever.

and the guy who sell it has photographic memory,
so he know what options should be served for me without I have to tell him.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


just met a guy who is no longer works in here. once, he were boasted that wherever he work, he will kept his fashion style; which is wear a snickers, keds shoes, instead of formal leather shoes. well, indeed he kept his words, i check that he still wear those informal shoes :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

fell on toilet

so i need to go for number two.
when i entered one of the toilet booth it's messy, so i try to flush it to make it cleaner.

but suddenly the water jet hose start to release water. hmmm strange. so i decided to go to another boot next to it.

when i start to grab the tissue, suddenly i heard the water splash in to something, it's sound massive.
then i remember the water jet hose in the previous booth.

so i open the door to see what happened.

holy shit, the water sprung out of the hose and hit the toilet wall. it's about 1 meter high, and heavy swift.
it blocked my way out of the toilet.

first, I'm thinking to call security.
second thought i just try to duck the water spray fast.
so i did, i ran lowly.
alas i lost my ground and fell hardly.

i was so embarrassed, and try to figure out whether anyone see me fell.
with ache on my butt, hip, and arm I decided to get out of toilet and informed security on the leakage.

i didn't tell them I fell, just reported that the toilet was broken.